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Decisions for short and medium term based on methodologies and techniques of:


qualitative research:

Focus groups

In depth interviews

Online communities


Patient Journey

And many other possible techniques!


qualitative research:


Telephone (CATI)


Guide the decisions of your company based on the analysis of market trends in relation to your brand and competitors. Cultural tensions that influence how the world changes in medium and long terms applied to your business.


We work with techniques that help to predict the market through trend analysis, workshops and customized studies.


They are important tools for your decision making process, so it can echoes assertively in the future.





We look at disruptive change to select one big theme per year and study it in order to bring relevance to our clients and markets.


Our goal is to generate business opportunity for companies and open our eyes to a trend that will transform the market.



Aging & Longevity



Patient Empowerment



What would you like to see??

Our Big Things

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